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The Word on the Street

The morning of our party my wife asked me to find a way to compile everyone's photos of the event as the guests took pictures of the festivities. I did a google search for any kind of website that would accommodate her request. came up and I signed up without really researching it.

Turns out the site was perfect for what we wanted to do and I would highly recommend using the site if you're having an event that requires saving everyone's pictures of the festivities.

Matt F

I am a huge fan of Pic Share Party! We have used it at one of our daughters parties so far and it was a huge hit! The kids all loved it since they could take pics all night and upload them easily ... I loved it because all of those candid moments weren't lost! We are eagerly awaiting our next party to be able to use this again!

Thanks for making memories easier to capture!

Patty H

I used PicShare Party to collect pictures for a high school banquet slide show. It was a perfect tool to use for students since texting their photos was so easy and used technology they were already very familiar with. We got ten times the submissions we did for the previous year when we used email and were able to include a photo of almost every student in the slide show.

The process to get the photos in the slide show was easier than email too. I highly recommend PicShare Party for any slide shows you are designing, from anniversaries, to reunions, to high school banquets.

Andrea S

We used PicShare Party at our wedding and it worked wonderfully. We printed out business cards with some basic instructions, including the number to send photos to and the event name, and handed them out near our guestbook as people walked in. Everyone seemed to have a great time taking photos and seeing the photos other people were taking.

So much better than the other solutions we found, including disposable film cameras, or software that would have required all of our guests to install an app on their phones. Even people with older 'dumb' phones were able to participate. A great service that seems to do its job very well!

James T

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